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Ladies Spring Luncheon

Join us for a gourmet lunch at the church!  Every year, this event is hosted for SLBC members and their friends.  All guests are invited to attend free of charge. 

What's so special about this luncheon?

The ladies of SLBC view the Ladies Spring Luncheon as our time to shine!  Our hope is that the event will be an exquisite, delightful treat to all who attend. We want women from all walks of life to enjoy a gourmet meal with beautiful decorations and an inspirational message.  We hope that this luncheon will renew your heart and soul!

About the Food:

Several months before the event, the cooking committee researches, samples and selects the very best choices for the year's menu.  They spend countless hours planning the perfect combinations of foods to bring the greatest enjoyment to the attendees. They then rise early on the morning of the luncheon to prepare (from scratch) every serving of fresh, homemade decadence.

About the Decorations:

The decoration committee selects a theme for the event and also purchases a gift for each of the ladies. 

The sanctuary is transformed the night before the luncheon into a wonderland of beauty



Outside, the entryway is decorated so creatively, we can't wait to see what's been done each year!

About the Hospitality:

The hospitality committee makes sure each lady is greeted personally as they enter the door.  Decorative name tags are prepared in advance for each person who signs up.  


Each table is hosted by a personal "Table Hostess."  Her role is to make women feel welcome and to serve the ladies in any capacity they might need during the luncheon.  



About the Service

The girls from the youth group serve the ladies during the luncheon. We think the service is excellent!


About the Speakers

The speaker is carefully selected each year to encourage women in their spiritual lives.  Previous years have included such incredible women Jeannette Clift George, Lois McCall, Susan Baker and Lael Arrington.




Before and After

Other committees dedicate themselves to making this event special as well.  Ladies from the church volunteer to create personal invitations to mail to friends and family.  A special crew arrives the week before the event to make the sanctuary clean and sparkling, and to hand wash the china we will be using.  At the luncheon, ladies may request the recipes for the food served or CD's of the speaker's presentation during the event.  Another committee sends those out to our guests after the event.

If you've never attended SLBC's Spring Luncheon, this is the year to experience a delectable treat! 

Our hope is that you will experience that fabulous feeling of having lunch at a gourmet restaurant with close friends! 

Invite anyone and everyone you know - our goal is to minister to as many women as we can in a fun and delightful way.



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